Pain, pain go away…. come again….. NEVER…..

A prescription script here, a prescription script there, prescription scripts everywhere! (to be read in the tune of old MacDonald btw). This was getting absolutely ridiculous! Im on so many drugs, I’m a walking pharmacy…. drugs anyone? Every thing under the sun was prescribed to figure out the root cause of this pain…. even though the Doctors were sure it was the abnormality…. they didn’t want to take the risk of taking an ovary incase the other f*cked up, leaving me completely screwed and because they were concerned about doing more damage to organs in that area….. NO THANKS!

It was the last resort….. Zoladex implants, temporary menopause (which I didn’t know was a thing!), months of hot flushes, break outs, mood swings and possible alopecia. All I could think was F*CK! But, bless the doctors souls, they are only making sure that my wellbeing is looked after and I have massive respect for them!

So here I am, going into the chemist with a script for a menopause implant, that would have cost $300 if I wasn’t a poor uni student on a healthcare card……. hallelujah! Then I returned back to the doctor to be poked and prodded with needles…. such a fun time (eye roll)…. I swear I have been touched more down there by doctors these past few months than actual men! Bloody hell!

So, feeling sorry for myself I wandered out of the doctors rooms and went to Macca’s to stuff my face…. I was going to gain weight apparently…. I was just assisting the speed at which it happened and I didn’t give a flying f*ck.

Two weeks past and not much happened, apart from a few break outs and a few headaches. But Satan himself sent the menopause demons after that! I was losing hair….. my weight was fluctuating, (despite efforts to exercise and eat remarkably healthy) I was covered in pimples, my sex drive was at zero and I was bursting into flames every couple of minutes! I would go from cold and rugged up, to burning up and naked in 10 seconds (apart from in public, that shit was a bad time).

So the deal is, apparently if the zoladex injections stop the pain will have the risky surgery to remove my floating, piece of shit of a detached uterus. Oh and did I mention I have to have the injections every month (eye roll). Being a girl is horrendous! Anyone want to swap?



3 thoughts on “Pain, pain go away…. come again….. NEVER…..

  1. Wow! I had no idea Ayla, thank you so much for sharing! Honestly, you’re amazing and I’m sending positive vibes to you gorgeous! You’re so strong and determined! Here for you if you ever need! Xx


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