Zoladex….. you bastard…..

Zoladex and I have a love hate kind of relationship…. Love that it allows me to be pain free and stops my periods (WINNER)……. but F*ck I hate the hot flushes, breakouts, mood swings, weight gain and inability to sleep.

So, I have my last injection in two weeks and I’m absolutely psyched! Because I’m going to have to get my body into a bikini when we go to Bali and need to lose weight, or the balinese people might mistake me for Buddha…..

Cheers to old mate who thought it was ok to call me chubby the other day too (biggest eye roll yet). Some people have no filter and don’t think before they speak. I have been really struggling lately with the weight gain and although I am not fat by any stretch, it really hurts when people say insensitive things like that….. I suppose the poor bloke didn’t have a clue about my dramas, but mate, do me a favour and think before you speak, before you hurt another poor soul. That didn’t stop me from going to San churro and drowning my sorrows in chocolate and Spanish donuts though!

Can I just take a minute to worship women….. we go through hell and back in our bodies and I swear sometimes our reproductive organs try to kill us, but we always fight and get shit done! We are damn amazing and although sometimes it would be easier to be a Male (some aspects), I’m proud to be a woman….. we are tough!

So, from here we wait to see when the zoladex wears off, if the pain comes back, I go to be cut open again, if it stops (preferred option) all will be well and I will just have to plan for my future fertility. I have so many amazing friends who have offered to be a surrogate in the worst case scenario….. I have a truly amazing support network and without you all this shit of a time would be 100 times worse…… bless you all lovelies ❤

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