Any one got tissues?

Today I have cried once and had a few near misses….. its only 12:30pm…… I’m going so well! These episodes were absolutely pathetic and now I can laugh at them….. now I’m not such a hormonal mess.

I dragged my very tired ass out of bed at 6:30am, after a night of tossing and turning, throwing the covers off and then having to search for them again in the dark…… like can I be at one consistent temperature please ? This shocking excuse for sleep was all I needed for an exam at 9am!

As I’m sitting at my allocated desk, waiting for others to file into the room ready for this bloody exam, a dog walked in! Yes, you read that right, A DOG! An assistance golden retriever with the fluffiest coat ever was accompanying the lady behind me….. now I love dogs, maybe a little too much, because this is when I had my first near miss of the day. It looked like it was smiling and its tail was wagging furiously, it got me good because I could feel the tears welling up and then realised how pathetic I was being….. I was about to cry over a cute dog! That’s when you know you are hormonal and tired!

During the exam, I was concentrating on an essay question, until I started to fell extremely hot. Now, all I can say is thank god for special consideration…. because I was able to take a break, standing outside with the assessor stripping off to a singlet, in the middle of the corridor. “Oh darl, I know how you feel!”, if it wasn’t for the lovely old lady’s comment and presence, I would have cried…… of all times I could have a hot flush, it had to be in the middle of an exam! But as per usual, I soldiered on and left feeling I had aced the exam, despite my body hating me!

Near miss number three was in the supermarket….. Mum wouldn’t answer her phone, I didn’t know what the hell to buy to turn my white undies, which I had turned pink, back to their original colour. I was in the washing aisle for about five minutes, looking at all these product I had no idea how to use and I needed my Mum. I nearly cried because I was confused but most of all I miss my Mum. Adulting is hard! The rational part of my brain kicked in and I bought bleach….. like it wasn’t that bloody hard woman!!!!

After all of the near misses, I finally cracked….. I cried! But for the stupidest reason ever! Usually if I’m driving and someone beeps me, I’m ready with the rude finger and my potty mouth…. but today was different! I cried because I wasn’t paying attention at the lights and some old duck gave me a beep to make me aware. Like how stupid is that! I was totally in the wrong and should have been paying attention, because I know if the shoe was on the other foot I’d be more than happy to beep someone holding me up.

I think it all got the best of me…. but I soon got back to my apartment, watched an episode of the inbetweeners, had a coffee and had a laugh at how stupid lack of sleep and hormones had made me this morning!


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