Sayonara zoladex

Yesterday I endured the last injection of zoladex! I’m thrilled but also sad…. why on earth would I be sad that I was saying goodbye to excessive weight gain, shit skin and monstrous hot flushes? Because I’m in pain…. back to square one!

Because of exams last week I wasn’t able to come up to have my last injection and it had to be delayed a week. Boy was that week horrendous! I was under the impression that it would take at least 2-4 weeks for the effects of zoladex to wear off….. I was sooooo wrong! 2 days after I was due for the implant, I was awoken to severe stabbing pains at 3am…. so strong I was tempted to wake Mum and Dad.

I think I nearly skipped into the doctors office yesterday! I was so damn excited to be injected with the hot flush devil! My doctor has tentatively booked the first week in September for my surgery, giving it another 8 weeks to see if that is the root cause of the pain….. we all seem to believe it is…. just take this f*cker out please. September please hurry up! I mean I’ll be in hospital for a few days, which absolutely sucks! But I suppose it’s for the best!

Mum and I left the doctor singing out usual praises for the doctor, saying we love her and could be friends with her…. bless her! Would be horrible if I didn’t have such a lovely doctor!

So here I am, waiting for the zoladex to take this pain away and turn me back into the hot flush queen. But I’m still soldiering on and looking forward to the little things such as, our family holiday, my 21st birthday, being able to see my Aunties, uncles and cousins and of course being home to cuddle my puppies! I will kick your ass menopause and abnormality …. enjoy inflicting pain while you can!


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