I beat you!

As I sit here in my hospital bed, I am smiling…… not just because I am as high as a kite, but my god am I happy operation two is over! A year of pain and suffering is coming to an end and I can finally start to enjoy life 100%, without having to microwave my heat pack every night and throw down endone.

This morning I was so calm, it concerned me! I felt as though I needed to freak out a little bit but instead I watched Netflix and had a good laugh….. I felt at peace with my situation and knew soon all this would be over and I could finally go back to the normal, pain free Ayla.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 9.55.11 pm.png









I feel like this operation was so much more uneventful than the last. I basically sat here watching David Attenborough with Mum and Dad and was soon whisked away to theatre; where everyone of the nursing staff were fascinated by my case and boy did I feel special. I guess I need to look at my situation in this way, I have one of the rarest uterine abnormalities and although its not pleasant, it makes me who I am. It’s made me stronger and appreciate my health more, as well as not taking things for granted.

After expressing to my anaesthetist my concern over my lack of coherence for hours last time, I was shocked to wake up in post op feeling awake and did not struggle to come to. Before the surgery, it really worried me that I would struggle waking up again, but be aware of voices and unable to open my eyes, a terrifying experience. But, this time I was lucky and I am so grateful I was coherent enough to see and speak to Mum and Dad before they had to leave for the night.

The plan was to try and keep the right sided ovary and take the Fallopian tube and detached uterus, leaving me with one Fallopian tube, two ovaries and half of the uterus that is connected to the cervix. But, when my surgeon got in there, she was unable to save the ovary, due to the blood supply being compromised. So, it looks as though I will be seeing the IVF doctors after I am fully recovered to retrieve some eggs….. for a bit of an insurance type thing, incase something happens to the other ovary (touch wood it doesn’t, but you never know what life will throw at you).

I am actually really surprised as to how well I am handling it all, I think I have the drugs to thank, but I definitely feel better than last time. It also might be the fact Mum and Dad bought me some butter chicken and a donut for dinner…. it was definitely needed and appreciated!

Well, 15 minutes after I wrote that last paragraph and I have decided to retract that statement, I have vomited….. let me just tell you vomiting when you have just had abdominal surgery is not a fun time….. the pain is getting horrendous…… bring me those sweet drugs!!!

I’m sitting here with stockings that inflate and deflate to prevent blood clots and a catheter, so I don’t have to get out of bed to use the toilet, I must say lazy me is happy about that. But have you guys seen the size of the tube that goes in your urethra! Now that is concerning!

My lovely Doctor came to see me at dinner time to talk me through the operation and how everything went. She also showed me some fascinating pictures she took of the abnormality, this might be weird, but I want a copy! The doctor also gave me a lot of hope for future babies….. which made me the happiest woman in the world at that point! My future fertility, although will have some hurdles, is intact and one day I will become a Mum….. it’s all I’ve ever wanted!

All in all, everything is going well and I can’t wait to be home resting. I cannot thank everyone enough for the love and support they are showing! I am so incredibly lucky and I could not have overcome this without you all….. you are my light in the dark….. thankfully the darkness is easing and soon there will only be light. Love you all! x

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